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What are your voters' real concerns?

The Vector Poll™ can anticipate who's really going to vote on election day: Voter Surveys.

Voter Surveys

Voter studies are uncomplicated when you turn to Vector Research to:

  • Create and test campaign messages and literature
  • Uncover the voters' real concerns
  • Measure the impact of candidates' messages.
  • Track the voters' mood with Election Tracker, the hour-by-hour election campaign poll

Who are the actual voters who turn out on election day?

The Vector Poll™ has a strong track record, accurately measuring candidate strength in municipal elections and party support in provincial and federal politics. A special Vector Poll™ capability is knowing how to anticipate who's really going to vote in traditionally low-turnout races such as municipal elections. Since most people tell polls they intend to vote, it has become harder to measure the real strength of candidates and their opponents if your survey isn't based on the actual voters who turn out on election day or go to the advance polls.

It's not what you say that matters – it's what people hear that counts

With online polls, Vector Research can show your election leaflets, signs and website to a representative cross-section of voters for their feedback. After all, in politics, just like retailing, organizing or fund-raising, it's not what you say that matters — it's what people hear that counts.

How can you sway undecided voters?

With qualitative research such as focus groups, Vector Research can help your campaign team develop the position for your candidate in the voter's mind that changes election outcomes. With quantitative studies via phone or online, Vector Research can help you sway undecided voters or identify and fire up your candidate's base.

Go negative? Go positive? Find out what type of campaigning works

As a campaign manager or strategist, you have a lot to worry about — but a Vector Poll™ can make your big decisions easier. Should you go negative against your opponent? What arguments make donors more generous? People tell polls why they support candidates and parties, but do voters honestly know? When voters have only a vague idea of what they want, the Vector Poll™ helps you put your policies across in a voter-friendly way.

Spend your funds wisely

If you are the incumbent, are most undecided voters really undecided about your job performance or mainly undecided about your challengers? Should you focus on mobilizing supporters or capturing votes from your opponents? Since campaign funds are limited, you can't afford not to know how to spend scarce budgets efficiently.

Vector Research can make your big decisions easier

More than numbers, Vector Research gives you insights from an analysis that comes from knowing what the numbers really mean.

Find out more about how voter surveys can help your campaign.
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