Survey Panels

Survey Panels

With your own panel or research community, you get fast, inexpensive and reliable feedback whenever you want it.

Survey Panels

Vector survey panels give you insights and ideas — fast

Decisions with data are better decisions

The internet and social media are re-defining relationships between organizations and their supporters … companies and customers … employers and employees … governments and voters.

To engage your supporters, voters and customers, you have to get closer to them, learn what they feel and gather their ideas.

And since it's important to engage them, how can you do that unless you find out what they think?

Leading means listening

You can hope or wait for people to tell you what they're thinking. But if you really want to know, somebody has to go and ask them.

That's the power of having your own survey panel. Some call these Market Research Online Communities. Think of a panel as your internal omnibus poll.

With your own panel or research community, you get fast, inexpensive and reliable feedback whenever you want it.

Because your panel works online, you can show panel members drafts and mockups of ads, videos and website designs to test which version which they prefer.

Ongoing surveys are the cornerstone of engagement

Polling your customers, voters, donors or members proves to them that their opinions count.

Imagine your engaged customers, voters and members as your advertising team. Engaged customers build a firewall against attacks from competitors. They recommend your organization (even without being asked!). They stand up for you.

Getting unbiased feedback is the key to engaging more of your supporters, members and clients.

The Vector Poll™ makes regular online panel surveys easy and affordable

  1. First, the Vector Poll™ recruits a representative group of your members, employees, supporters or customers — or potential customers — who agree to participate in your surveys.
  2. The Vector Poll™ experts help you draft questions that let your research community members say what they really believe.
  3. When your questions are ready, Vector sends an e-mail to your panelists with a clickable link to the poll. They click on the link, answer your questions — and you get their opinions and ideas.

All types of organizations have online survey research panels

  • Random House of Canada has an online community of avid readers
  • Newland Communities has residents' panels in the builder's housing developments
  • Walmart uses customer research communities to engage customers, ask for suggestions and build their loyalty.
  • Vector Research set up the first membership research communities for unions in 2010.

Contact the Vector Poll™ to learn how simple it is to have your own research community.

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