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Your employees have information that can help your business.

Employee Surveys

Employee Surveys

Your employees can tell you a lot about your business – information you can't get any other way.

Why do you want to know what employees think? Won't surveys only complicate your already crammed agenda? Why give them a voice in the workplace anyway?

Vector Research employee studies are critical tools in managing an effective organization:

1. Get valuable information

Through confidential employee surveys, engaged employees tell you a lot about your business – information you can't get any other way. Employee polls aren't just for big organizations. Front-line workers in any organization can feel their suggestions aren't welcome unless management deliberately sets out to discover out what employees are thinking.

Most employees want a direct voice where they work and want to understand how their role contributes to the organization and makes the lives of their customers better.

2. Lead your business more effectively

Knowing your employees' mindset gives you immense advantages as a leader. After all, how can you motivate people if you don't know what motivates them? The best way to find out what employees are thinking is to ask them.

These days, like customers and voters, employees expect to be asked how they feel. Unless employees can express themselves confidentially, you have no way of knowing how to engage them.

3. Surveys build trust

Trust is an essential part of worker engagement. Frequently we think of communication as getting our message out — broadcasting it to a target audience whether it's customers, voters, members or employees. But real communication isn't a broadcast; it's a conversation.

For example, some of the Gallup Poll's key engagement questions include asking employees:

  • Does someone care about you at work?
  • Do your opinions around here seem to count?
  • Are you getting recognition when you do good work?
  • Do you have the equipment and resources to do your best at work?

4. Vector Surveys are fast and affordable

Online polling makes employee surveys affordable. With costs so low, there's no reason not to find out what employees think.

From the shop to the top

It's tempting to focus too much on getting the message out to employees and focus too little on getting the employees' message in. Only routine employee feedback through surveys provides honest information from the periphery of the organization to the center, or as we used to say, from the shop to the top.

Have the Vector Poll™ work with you to create an employee survey system that's tailored to your organization. More than numbers, Vector Research gives you insights with an analysis that comes from knowing what the numbers really mean.

Find out more about how employee surveys can help your organization.
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