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Opinion Research

Public opinion is the most powerful force in the world.

Opinion Research

What is opinion research but a tool for adapting to changing conditions and trying to exert more influence on the future than it exerts on you?

Public opinion is the most powerful force in the world. You probably agree you are better off knowing what people think than not knowing. If polls didn't tell you, how would you know?

Why even bother with polling?

Not asking your target audiences their opinions is like deciding not to be well informed. Without timely opinion research you can inadvertently take or give bad advice or follow the wrong strategy. If you don't ask, you won't know.

Vector Research + Development brings you practical, affordable ideas that work in the real world by turning your questions into strategies. Vector Research has been providing a broad range of services for clients in every sector for more than 20 years.

The Vector Poll™ capabilities include:

  • Local, regional, national or international polling
  • Call centers with more than 300 interviewing stations
  • Experienced interviewers who conduct over one million interviews a year
  • Multi-lingual interviewing
  • Election campaign rolling polls with real-time, hour-by-hour results
  • In-person and online focus groups
  • In-depth, one-on-one executive interviews
  • Mail surveys
  • Internet polls
  • Door-to-door, mall intercepts and in-home interviewing
  • Referenda
  • Customer, voter, employee and member online panels

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For more on the advantages of working with Vector Research, call Marc Zwelling at 416.733.2320 or just email us. We will contact you soon to discuss your project.

Opinion Research