Online Poll

Online Polling

Know what your members, customers or voters think — not just every year or other year — but every few weeks.

Online Polling

Face it. If polls were cheaper you would survey members more often.

Now you can have reliable membership feedback more frequently and less expensively than phone or mail surveys.

Online surveys have established a good track record demonstrating their reliability.

As with other polling methods, Vector Research weights or adjusts results from online surveys to match the actual characteristics of your customers, employees or union members and makes the findings representative and reliable.

Benefits of online polling

  • Less expensive than phone surveys if you poll five or six times a year
  • Representative: you can reliably compare the views of groups by age, gender, seniority, job class, region and other characteristics
  • Fast: can see opinions every day, as respondents complete their surveys, and have your complete poll results in just 7 to 10 working days
  • More interactive: With online surveys you can show pictures or videos. Or members can listen to audio clips and view role plays and different settings.
  • Private and secure polling: The polling website is secure. Email addresses can’t be used for any other purpose; the participant's privacy is protected
  • Some believe online respondents give more truthful responses to questions where respondents may be uncomfortable or embarrassed giving an honest answer to a live interviewer on the phone

How does online polling work?

  • Vector compiles a representative panel of employees, target voters, customers or members who agree to participate in your surveys
  • To have reliable results, the online panel is a miniature replica of the population, market or membership in terms of occupation, age, gender, seniority, occupation, and, for example, the region where they live
  • No one can complete the online survey more than once
  • With each poll you will receive a report and the computer analysis for each question
  • Whether online or using mail surveys or the phone, Vector Research ensures the quality of the poll, from pre-testing questions to the final poll analysis

If you're considering regular polls and would like advice about online panels and the costs, just call or email us. We will contact you soon to discuss your project.

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