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100 Vote-Getting Ideas

100 Vote-Getting Ideas

By the Vector Poll™

For two decades The Vector Poll™ has put opinion and market research to use to trigger ideas for leaders, candidates, communicators and advertisers.

Here are some of the new election-ready policies and plans our polling led us to uncover, reading the public's mind.

Public security, crime, the police

  1. Require all sellers, dealers and individuals, to record every gun sale and file a report immediately online to the RCMP to build a database of guns in the country (make unregistered guns illegal)
  2. Enact a law making it clear that someone knew or should have known that a gun owner is mentally unstable is liable to victims, and anyone who transfers guns to anyone (except to gun dealers or police departments) who commits a gun crime is liable to victims
  3. So that bullets are sold and stored responsibly, compel ammunition manufacturers to micro-stamp serial numbers on bullets and unique bar codes on ammunition boxes so shell casings can be traced to ammunition sellers, and licence ammunition buyers (issue photo IDs to those passing a background check)
  4. Start a database of police misconduct complaints
  5. As a means to help prosecute terrorists, add U.S. and U.K. hate groups to Canada's Listed Terrorist Entities compiled by Public Safety Canada.
  6. Make airlines to maintain "no fly" lists of passengers who abuse flight attendants or engage in other disruptive behaviour (with a right to appeal)
  7. To increase confidence in the justice system have a single judge hear all of the cases from a neighbourhood instead of separate criminal, traffic, tax and family courts all over a city
  8. Require targets of ransomware attacks to report incidents to law enforcement agencies
  9. Make university/college hazing a criminal offence
  10. Compel taxi companies and ride-hailing services to release their internal data on riders' complaints of incidents of assaults by drivers, injuries, accidents and other allegations of driver misconduct, unsafe driving or improper behaviour
  11. Extend probationary periods for new police officers to three years to provide a longer review of citizens' complains against new hires and give leaders of police services more time to evaluate officers
  12. To reduce online sales of stolen property, amend consumer protection laws to require online sellers to guarantee that items they offer are not stolen
  13. Personal safety

  14. Require car makers selling in Canada equip vehicles that have keyless systems with automatic shut-off features that automatically shut off the engine after several minutes (reducing the chance drivers will be asphyxiated)
  15. Let neighbours write parking tickets – send cell phone photos to the police via an app (allowing the police to focus on more urgent and important infractions)
  16. Require social media companies to verify the identification of anyone with a social media account who posts racist abuse or disinformation (do not let trolls and racists hide behind fake identities)
  17. Require employers to report employee complaints of sexual and racial harassment to the human rights commission the way employers must report workplace accidents
  18. Require auto makers to equip all vehicles with ignition interlock breathalyzers (devices that prevent intoxicated individuals from driving their vehicle)
  19. To keep children from being locked in overheated cars, require car makers to equip vehicles with sensors that would sound alarms if children are left in the back seat when adults get out of the car
  20. Begin a program to replace traffic signals and stop signs with roundabouts, which reduce vehicle crashes, injuries from crashes and fatalities
  21. Require employers in tornado zones to require safe rooms for employees to use as shelters during hurricanes, tornadoes and violent windstorms
  22. Require auto makers to design games and other entertainment devices displaying programs on dashboard screen so that drivers can't use them while driving
  23. Personal and public health

  24. Have provincial health insurance cover the cost of health coaches— who help doctors by motivating patients with skills to improve their own care (advice on diet, e.g., and managing chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension)
  25. Launch a coordinated effort to prevent Alzheimer's, organizing health care providers into teams that encourage patients to adopt proven changes in lifestyle, in diet, physical and mental exercise that delay or reduce the incidence of brain illness
  26. Announce a Canadian-made Covid-19 vaccine, if it's among early, safe vaccines, will be available at no cost to the public and licenced to vaccine producers around the world – immediately
  27. Train all school caretakers in first aid
  28. Require all stores and gas stations to have defibrillators at their entrances
  29. Until it's possible to expand provincial health care to provide free dental, chiropractic, physiotherapy, long-term care, hearing devices, vision needs and prescriptions, provide every adult with a voucher to let them spend a fixed amount ($2,000 a year) on any services they like
  30. Establish personal paid sick leave accounts requiring all employers and their employees to contribute the equivalent of small hourly payroll deductions to create individual sick-leave savings accounts employees can draw on to pay for up to 15 sick days a year
  31. Require large grocery stores to offer nutritious food and beverages at their checkouts instead of salt- and sugar-enhanced drinks, snacks (fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, dairy, whole grains and other snacks mints with no added sugars)
  32. Enact presumed-consent legislation for organ donation
  33. Require garden centres, florists and other retailers to label common household plants that are poisonous (Easter lilies, larkspur, foxglove)
  34. Appoint an ombudsman for long-term care homes and residents
  35. Undertake regular testing of sewage for Covid-19 — tests provide earning warnings of the presence of the virus in a neighborhood (researchers have found that the coronavirus increases in the water a week ahead of the rise of confirmed cases)
  36. Super spreader safeguards: Require social media platforms to fact-check posts and ban accounts that repeatedly spread misinformation
  37. Because of the strong scientific evidence that alcohol can cause several types of cancer, including breast and colon cancers require warning labels on wine, beer and liquor
  38. To expand the amount of number of public and private schools with medical skills on-site offer scholarships to teachers and nurses who want to cross-train in each other's profession to create nurse-teachers and teacher-nurses
  39. Most of the more than 100 kids (under 15) who drown every year don't know how to swim. Launch a national "Every Kid Swims" program in cooperation with schools, municipal recreation departments, YMCAs and other organizations
  40. Require employers to give employees three consecutive hours of time off to get a Covid-19 vaccination injection with no reduction in pay (the way the law requires employers to give workers three hours off to vote during polling hours, without a reduction in pay)
  41. Corporate Responsibility and Shareholder Rights

  42. Prohibit companies that receive government emergency support from should paying dividends or compensating executives with bonuses (or cap the dividends and bonuses they pay)
  43. Require all public companies to have at least one female director now, in five years, at least two female directors (like Norway, Spain, Italy, Germany)
  44. Require employers to provide anti-sexual harassment training to all workers using bystander intervention methods
  45. Require public corporations to issue ½% of their equity in the form of new stock to an Opportunity Bank, which will distribute shares or dividends to children in mutual funds they can't cash out until they are 16
  46. Incentivize corporations to add community and social purposes to their bylaws (similar to American "B corporations," or "benefit" corporation, which would allow it to subordinate shareholder interests to other concerns. sheltering firms from shareholder lawsuits if the corporation takes decisions that may not protect the bottom line) benefit corporation, which would allow it to subordinate shareholder interests to other concerns
  47. Give the federal Competition Bureau the power to prohibit digital advertising platforms such as Google and You Tube from engaging in the conflict-of-interest practice of being both buyer and seller of online ads, steering advertising from other websites to the platforms that sell ad space
  48. Enact a law protecting whistle-blowers in the private sector guaranteeing they can't be fired for exposing unlawful or unethical behaviour by their employers (and create a fund to pay people whose disclosures help convict wrongdoers in court)
  49. Tax breaks for companies with unions (because unions save the government money by overseeing employment standards regulation and safety inspection costs)
  50. Make social media sites pay people with accounts for use of the personal data on their accounts
  51. Enact a 1% tax on company share buybacks, which companies use to drive up their share prices, to encourage executives to raise employees' pay instead and reduce the gap between the pay of senior executives and rank-and-file workers
  52. Require government contracts go only to firms whose managements remain neutral in union organizing campaigns
  53. Shareholder democracy: let the millions of people who invest in index funds vote on shareholder resolutions at the companies they own indirectly through index funds
  54. Because social media networks (Google, Apple, Facebook) present users with targeted content, change the law to consider social media platforms like publishers who are accountable so social media networks can be held legally responsible for the content on their sites and networks (to purge the internet of fake stories and online hate)
  55. To restrain excessive executive pay, require public corporations to submit their executive pay plans to binding shareholder votes
  56. Consumer rights and protection

  57. Prohibit stores, other retailers and government offices from declining to accept cash because low-income people are more likely to use cash and less likely to have credit cards (which usually require having a bank account)
  58. The Canada Revenue Agency should create — and widely promote — a website to let people prepare and file their income tax return for free without having to go to the websites of private tax-preparation companies
  59. Require investment advisers — like certified financial planners — to work to the fiduciary standard of what is best interests of their clients
  60. To protect the public from hackers and cybersecurity attacks that break into computers, have the government set minimum security standards for computer software the way government enact other safety regulations
  61. Require companies that collect personal user data to inform their customers annual what data the companies collect, how much their data is worth and what the companies do with customer data
  62. Prohibit property owners from refusing to rent to people with criminal convictions (except for a limited number of severe, violent crimes) and stop employers from asking about criminal convictions while screening job applicants
  63. Prohibit so-called "dark pattern" online marketing tactics designed to dupe consumers into giving up their right to prohibit their data from being sold and ban features that manipulate consumers such as obscure unsubscribe buttons, fake countdown clocks, and multiple opt-out screens
  64. Make tenant screening services register with the government and require them to pay stiff fines and compensate people for mistakes in reports to property owners that include inaccurate information such as mistaken identities that lead to renters' refusing to rent apartments to persons turned down because of a negative report when looking for apartments and other homes
  65. Ban mandatory arbitration clauses (in standard-form consumer contracts) for consumers with complaints against companies (cable TV customers, credit card users, etc.)
  66. Require vehicle leasing companies to provide a backup key at no cost to customers who lose their rental vehicle's key or keyless, remote-entry fobs (now leasing companies require customers to call their roadside assistance or the leasing firm's roadside assistance and replace the missing key at a cost of hundreds of dollars)
  67. To end deceptive ticket pricing, online ticket sellers, hotels and others should be obligated to reveal the full cost including hidden mandatory fees upfront in advance (as a default) before buyers are about to complete their orders, reservations, and transactions
  68. Pass an anti-robocall law, requiring phone companies to offer technology at no additional cost to customers so they can identify and block robocalls (including from foreign countries)
  69. Protecting privacy

  70. Prohibit the collection of DNA by the police or other authorities from anyone except those convicted of crimes (so the government has no DNA database on citizens)
  71. Enact of Charter of Digital Data Rights allowing people to opt in to personal data collection on websites and apps and ask to see their data, demand that personal data be deleted and not sold, and require that consumers give their consent to allow companies to track consumers' most sensitive data (region, location, sexual orientation)
  72. Ban social networking companies from collecting data from children without a parent's or guardian's consent
  73. Make disclosing intimate photos online without the photo subject's consent a violation of the privacy laws
  74. Require operators of facial recognition surveillance programs to notify people captured on video each time authorities mine databases to identify people captured on video
  75. The Privacy Amendment: Amend the Charter of Rights to enshrine the right to privacy
  76. Make hospitals and other health facilities obtain consent from patients for examinations conducted under anesthesia (e.g., pelvic examinations)
  77. Affordable housing

  78. To help tenants stay in their homes, pay have the government provide them with low-interest loans to pay their back rent
  79. Make home inspections mandatory before sales close (so buyers are not forced to forego them when they submit bids or offers)
  80. To make housing prices more affordable and slow the rate of price increases, cap real estate agents' fees regardless of the price of homes they sell (lower fees would increase agents' productivity and offset the decline in their fee incomes)
  81. Ban bidding and auctions for house and condominium sales – require sellers to accept their advertised price (have lotteries when sellers receive multiple offers)1
  82. Promote working at home (for instance, with loans, grants, or tax relief for buying equipment for home offices) because it improves efficiency through matching jobs and workers, reduces geographic inequality between cities and declining rural areas. And reduces commuting and carbon emissions
  83. Provide free home inspections or require sellers to pay for them
  84. Enact a 2% sales tax on home sales of more than $1 million, allocating the revenues generated into funds to support for affordable housing for low-income renters and programs to end homelessness

  85. 1 Banning blind bidding was promised by Canada's federal Liberals in the 2021 election.

    Employee freedoms

  86. Ban non-disclosure agreements as a condition of employment (legal settlements for sexual harassment, for example, that require victims not to discuss their cases or workplace conditions)
  87. Add unemployment to human rights codes. Make it unlawful to discriminate against long-term unemployed, for example, employers' accepting applications only from the currently employed or recently unemployed
  88. To help job seekers the government should maintain a centralized database of school transcripts from colleges and universities and records of degrees, licenses, training certifications that employers can access
  89. Ban non-compete agreements (except for senior executives)2
  90. Make it easier to organize a union (encourage employees to form unions) — nations with higher rates of unionization have less inequality and higher incomes
  91. Ban "captive" meetings during union organizing campaigns where employers require employees to attend meetings intended to dissuade them from unionizing
  92. Prohibit employers from asking job applicants their pay history (a way to suppress the pay of applicants in groups historically underpaid)
  93. Ban employers from keeping tips their employees or "independent contractors" receive
  94. Ensure that employers who require employees to work from home provide virtual workers with equipment and reimburse them for a portion of their home electricity and internet expenses
  95. Improve the employment laws to allow so-called contractors and freelancers the same rights as traditional employees to join unions when they are working under the control of a company (Uber, Lyft, e.g.) and performing the primary business of the company or online platform
  96. Permit unions in the same sector to negotiate sector-wide pay and other working conditions together for all employees in the same sector once unions have organized at least 40% of the non-management employees the sector (for example, fast food, retail stores)
  97. To ease congestion on buses, subways and other public transit vehicles, require Uber drivers to accept public transit cards and tokens
  98. Make paying ransomware illegal — criminalize the payment of ransoms to cybercriminals to avoid ransoms from becoming a crippling problem for companies and individuals

  99. 2 The Ontario government enacted a law in 2021 to ban non-compete clauses, except for executives.


  100. Create a national robot strategy to guide the rollout of automation to service jobs such as lifting patients in nursing homes, assisting teachers, and making it easier for seniors to live in their homes
  101. Create a citizens' mutual fund with non-voting shares the government buys in the most valuable corporations to share profits with the entire public
  102. Economic Fairness

  103. Require home-school associations to share 10% of the donations they receive with associations in low-income areas
  104. Give a $1,000 "baby dividend" in the form of a savings account (or bond) to each child born to a parent with annual household earnings under $100,000. Children can access the money, which accumulates in value, when they turn 16. The government runs a competition for banks to hold the accounts, placing the accounts with the bank that offers the highest rate of interest
  105. Provide free after-school tutoring for students in low-income families and tutoring at $20 an hour for higher-income families
  106. Government and Voter Engagement

  107. To remove "dark money" from elections, require anonymous giving (political donations), like anonymous voting
  108. Let the public cast votes — non-binding — online on all bills and resolutions MPs and MLAs vote on in Parliament and the provincial legislatures
  109. To improve turnout, have major political party leaders appear in the same government-paid commercial urging people to vote
  110. Require government employees to whistle-blow and report corruption, bribes, fraud or waste to independent investigators in their departments and protect those who follow their duty to report and blow the whistle
  111. Change all municipal, provincial and federal election days to the weekends, turning election days into holidays (as most European countries do)
  112. To avoid appearances of conflict of interest, ban government officials from owning shares in companies, only passive investments such as indexed mutual funds
  113. To encourage voter engagement and improve election turnout change the voting age to 16
  114. Require banks that hold government funds to bid for the business (to increase the interest the government collects on its deposits)
  115. To improve voter engagement and turnout, distribute campaign donation vouchers (perhaps $150 each) to every eligible voter to send to candidates they want to help with a contribution (Seattle, Washington, has a voucher program giving four $25 vouchers to every registered voter
  116. Experiment with elections, perhaps in by-elections, with an alternative proportional rep system that provides voters check that they "approve" any candidates on their ballot they would accept as winners — the winner has the most "approve" marks (a system to reduce partisan ship)
  117. Environment

  118. Pay restaurants to have their kitchen grease collected to sell to refineries to use as feedstock for renewable diesel fuel
  119. Add $1 forest fire compensation fund charge to all admissions to national parks and historic site to compensate victims of wildfires
  120. To reduce waste and keep appliances, devices, etc., out of landfills, enact "Right to Repair" legislation requiring manufacturers to make their repair instructions including tools and parts available to consumers and repair shops (not just manufacturer-authorized shops)
  121. Supported by a small increase in the gas tax, provide large discounts to people buying electric made-in-Canada vehicles when they trade in a gas-powered vehicle
  122. To ease congestion in major cities, require taxies, Uber, Lyft and other ride-hailing services to accept public transit passes and automated fare-collection cards toward the price of rides
  123. Start a government program to divert some farm subsidies to city residents to encourage converting rooftops, lawns and backyards into mini-farms to raise vegetables and fruit
  124. To reduce energy consumption, expedite the phase-out of incandescent bulbs, and to save low-income households money offer geared-to-income rebates to purchase LED bulbs
  125. Other ideas

  126. Let Canadians top up their stamps and postage with a small amount to pay for letter couriers to pick up outgoing envelopes when they deliver mail (so people aren't required to find mailboxes or go out in severe weather to mail letters)
  127. Enact a sustainable clothing law requiring textile and clothing retailers to label products that manufacturers certify are not produced by child labour, made in humane conditions and are organic and recyclable
  128. Establish an Accuracy Doctrine for the news media and online technology platforms with an independent public fact-checking commissions of experts and citizens' juries, funded by the media industry
  129. Mandate auto manufactures that sell vehicles in Canada to certify their safety tests account for gender equality, for example, using crash-test dummies that represent female injury criteria and incorporate safety features not based solely on average male bodies
  130. To ease the time squeeze for working parents, start school later, 9.30 a.m. to 10 a.m., to accommodate the most common work schedule, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  131. Let EI recipients take up to 20 weeks of EI benefits in a lump sum to start a business
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