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When you want courses, classes, workshops and seminars, contact Marc Zwelling of The Vector Poll™. Marc and his colleagues conduct practical workshops that help you improve your organization’s performance.

The Vector Poll™ has methods to develop your confidence as a speaker, expand your capacity to innovate and improve your skills at getting your message out persuasively.

The future will always have more impact on your organization than your organization will exert on the future. But you can substantially enhance your influence over trends and changes by learning to forecast, anticipate risk, prepare contingencies and avoid surprises.

Vector Poll™ workshops on creating persuasive political and advertising messages give you a range of competencies with techniques such as re-framing and re-positioning to win over voters and other target audiences.

Some recent workshops Marc conducted include:

  • The Federated Press Scenarios workshop
  • The Reviving Labour's Image courses
  • The Ontario 2020 scenarios summit
  • The Canadian Industrial Relations Association conference on organizing
  • The National Collaborating Centres for Public Health alternative futures forum
  • The College of Early Childhood Educators risk-management seminar

View the top 20 list of Vector Poll™ classes, courses and workshops.

Marc also is a keynoter and facilitator. For proposals, reach him at
or 416-733-2320.

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