Solving the puzzle: Top 20 Workshops

Our Top 20 Workshops

From Persuasive Political Messaging to The Inspiration Lab, here are the top 20 workshops from Vector Research.

Vector's Top 20 workshops

The Vector Poll™ campus — Workshops, courses and classes

  1. Persuasive Political Messaging (motivating with words, actions and images)
  2. Click and Organize: finding new members/supporters through online organizing
  3. The Ideas Factory: Generating Innovative Political (and other) Ideas
  4. Survey Techniques to Discover Anything (from customers, voters, members)
  5. Membership/customer engagement
  6. Planning with Scenarios
  7. You're On the Air (engaging your audience on TV, radio, Skype and the rest)
  8. Restoring Your Brand Image
  9. Understanding Public Opinion
  10. Persuasion for Dummies: making ads, messages and speeches that motivate
  11. Simple Forecasting (if you're going to plan you've got to forecast, or what are you planning for?)
  12. The Future of Your Business
  13. Messaging That Connects
  14. Creating Economic Credibility
  15. Long-term and Strategic Planning (you fail to plan, you plan to fail)
  16. Inspiring Others (the Change Management Class)
  17. Making problems issues
  18. The Campaign Clinic: Fixing Your Ailing Campaign
  19. The Master Class in New Concepts and Innovation
  20. The Inspiration Lab (creating an in-house innovative culture and capacity)


To find out more about our workshops, call Marc Zwelling at 416.733.2320.

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