Online Union Organizing

Online Union Organizing

One day unions will organize entirely online. With Click and Organize techniques, unions get to the future faster.

Online Union Organizing

In business it's called customer acquisition — getting more people to buy your offers. For unions the equivalent to acquiring customers is organizing workers. Using its extensive databases of non-union employees' polls, recently The Vector Poll™ developed a one-day training session for union organizers called Click and Organize.

Why Choose Online Union Organizing?

Online organizing is better than conventional organizing.

  1. It's way less expensive.
    To organize the usual way, unions need full-time and part-time organizers to contact and convince enough employees to sign a union membership card.
  2. It's faster.
    In the same way it's easier to shop online, it's faster to meet non-union employees in social networking websites and cultivate their interest in joining a union to negotiate their pay, benefits and work rules.
  3. It reaches more people.
    Employees in non-union workplaces often want to explore what having a union can do for them. Click and Organize vastly speeds up the process of finding these non-union contacts.
  4. It's more effective.
    Traditional organizing means organizers wait for employees to reach out to the union. Or it requires unions to target non-union workplaces, meet pro-union employees in secret or find union supporters by leafleting employees as they arrive or leave after work. Click and Organize puts unions in touch with many more non-union employees than the traditional way unions organize.

Click and Organize means unions can involve their best salespeople — their current satisfied members — in organizing.

Virtually any member with a computer, smartphone, tablet or laptop or other mobile device can help organize.

  • Current members are a union's marketing team: their credibility with non-union workers is a great advantage when unions organize.
  • While new members wait for their labour relations board to conduct the vote to have a union, using online voice and video calls, members can mentor non-union workers who sign membership cards.

Here's what the Vector Poll™ approach covers:

  • Trouble-shooting our campaigns (a checklist)
  • How non-union employees think about unions
  • Improving your organizing message: tips for making persuasive organizing messages that motivate non-union employees to vote for unions
  • How the world is attracting and converting prospects, donors, members and customers online (examples and case studies)
  • Finding non-union employees by discovering where they work (using social networks)
  • Recruiting new members online
  • Joining online conversations to generate leads
  • Starting online conversations to generate leads
  • The value of engaged members in online organizing

Today you can do anything online. One day unions will organize entirely online because that's the way anyone will find and contact everyone. With Click and Organize techniques, unions get to the future faster.

For details on Click and Organize contact the Vector Poll™

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